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On the 15. of October we began a campaign by the name “Think ecologically, think Ekohold!”. During the campaign we want to introduce the public with our fields of operations, bring their attention towards collecting and recycling secondary raw materials and bring awareness about the need of preservation of nature.

The campaign includes advertising on local radio stations, outdoor advertising with jumbo posters, distributing flyers and Facebook activity.

We are buying and recycling waste iron and other kinds of waste metals. We are specialized for buying and recycling, and are offering a service in which you can trust. Get rid of waste iron and other metal waste in the shortest time. With efficient handling of your waste we are securing ecological advantages.

Iron is counted as one of the most used metals. Thanks to the relatively low price and good physical virtues, it’s an unavoidable material in all kinds of economic workings.

Raw iron is obtained by mining iron ores and then being processed in hot furnaces. The most common and most important ores are hematite and magnetite. Raw iron made that way is then processed into steel. In nature it’s rare to find iron in it’s natural state. It’s present on the moon, the sun and other planets, it’s also the most widespread metal in the earth.

Iron is one of the nonrenewable natural recurses, so waste iron is a very valuable kind of waste. It’s very important to collect waste iron and recycle it. Other than the fact that it’s a nonrenewable natural recurse is that a secondary use of iron is of big importance, because by recycling waste iron we are saving 74% of energy compared to the process of making it out of ores. Another thing is that by recycling waste iron in comparison by making it from ores is that the gas emissions are much lower, a lot of water is being saved and water pollution is lower.

These information should open eyes to everyone and bring awareness about the importance and the need to recycle, as well as about the correct way to menage waste.

We collect and recycle secondary raw materials

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