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Disposal of waste paper and nylon


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How important is collection and recycling of paper, depicted by the fact that recycling 1 ton of waste paper save 17 trees. Separate collection and recycling of paper protect the forests and water, save energy and natural resources, reducing the amount of waste.

Paper recycling provides a reduction of water pollution by 35% and 74% less air pollution in relation to primary production of paper. Paper can be recycled 4-6 times.

Every day in households and industry creates a large amount of paper waste. To be able to re-use waste paper and to get sufficient quality raw material for recycling process, it is important to collect paper separately from other waste.

Nature needs more than 100 years to degrade plastic bags that get into the environment. During the degradation, slowly emit toxic chemicals that get into the soil, lakes, rivers and seas, causing permanent consequences for wildlife.

We collect and recycle secondary raw materials

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